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UES Progressives Announces Results of City Council District 5 Endorsement Vote

The group voted to endorse progressive champions Rebecca Lamorte and Billy Freeland

New York, NY, April 8, 2021 – UES Progressives, a chapter of NYPAN and affiliate of Our Revolution in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, has voted to endorse Rebecca Lamorte and Billy Freeland for City Council in District 5.

The endorsement vote was held immediately following the forum and a member discussion. Forum questions covered public space, transportation, the environment, senior issues, real estate, and defunding the NYPD.

District 5 candidate Billy Freeland said: "I am honored and fired up by UES Progressives' endorsement. Our campaign is about a fundamental ideal: that we need a New Deal for New York, one that decarbonizes, decarcerates, and desegregates our community and our City. That means detailed, progressive plans for a Green New Deal, restorative justice, racial justice, and ensuring that housing, health care, and education are human rights. With the support of UES Progressives, we continue to build a broad, people-powered coalition to win in District 5."

Candidate Rebecca Lamorte stated: “We are running a campaign in District 5 that is centered around housing, disability, and economic justice, and I am so honored that UES Progressives is with us. We are fighting to ensure that every single person has their basic human needs met while dismantling systemic inequalities in order to empower everyday New Yorkers. With UES Progressives by our side, I know that we can create a lasting movement that delivers real progressive change for our neighbors here in District 5."

Executive committee members Jeremy Berman, Patrick Bobilin, Lew Grupper, Willa Hahn, Brian Mangan, Harrison Manin, and Sarah Wilkins issued the following statement:

“UES Progressives is proud to have endorsed such principled and accomplished local organizers as Billy and Rebecca. Each has a long track record of fighting on behalf of the people in District 5 and both have articulated clear and progressive visions for how we build back a better, stronger, fairer Upper East Side. UES Progressives will support Lamorte and Freeland’s get-out-the-vote efforts and in their pursuit of endorsements from NYPAN and Our Revolution.”

The recording is posted to the chapter Facebook page here.

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